Are you ready to learn the exact steps needed to successfully advance your career to the next level and at a higher salary?
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Jenelle Shand

HR Specialist & Career Coach

Hi there! I'm Jenelle. I have been in the HR field for 8 years and now working as a career coach. I specifically work with ambitious professionals with 3+ experience in their field, who are seeking more senior positions at higher pay. My goal is to help you:

Communicate your value

Vocalise your career story 

Strategically position yourself as an expert in your field

Stand out in a competitive job market

Boost your job search and get results

Get paid the money you want

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Career and Salary Elevator

It's time take action and transform your career!

STOP waiting for that person to leave before you can get a promotion


STOP relying on structured promotion processes


STOP suffering in toxic workplace cultures


STOP accepting lower pay because you don't believe you can be paid more


STOP staying in a frustrating situation, waiting and hoping for the best 


START taking concrete action to achieve your career goals and reach your full potential with my proven framework

The salary and career elevator is a 6 week programme, providing you with the exact tools and strategies you need to succeed and excel your career to the next level and at a salary that you want.

A glimpse into the programme...



Get clarity on your next career step in terms of your ideal job title and salary



Develop a growth and visionary mindset, as well as address and remove any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back



Learn how to showcase your career story and achievements in your CV, cover letter, and Linkedin profile



Define and learn how to articulate your brand and enhance your social presence to get noticed



Strategically position yourself as an expert in your field, increasing your chances of being headhunted and setting yourself up for success


1 hour weekly 1:1 coaching calls for 6 weeks

Rebranded CV

Optimised Linkedin Profile

Networking Templates

Personalised Job Search Strategy Plan

Interview Training and Roleplays 

Salary Negotiation Examples

The Career and Salary Elevator IS for you if...


  • You are ambitious and have at least 3 years experience in the professional or corporate industry/roles 

  • You are ready for a more senior position and want to learn how to strategically position yourself to gain access to endless opportunities

  • You are looking to significantly increase your salary and unsure how to put forward your case for what you want

  • You want to establish and develop a personal brand that will advance your career


The Career and Salary Elevator IS NOT for you if...

  • You are looking or a career change

  • You are not ready to make the investment to level up in your career

  • You are not interested in career progression

  • You do not want to put in the work and effort to secure your dream role

You ready for the ride? Let's secure that bag!