how and why you should analyse a job advert

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

When applying for a job, it isn’t just about your interest in the role, but additionally whether you meet the requirements. It is imperative to show the recruiter that you have the skills, qualifications and knowledge they are looking for and provide evidence for this in your CV, cover letter and job application.

Analysing a job advert effectively will enable you to match your skills, qualifications and knowledge to the requirements the recruiter is looking for, increasing your chances in landing an interview which is the big deal breaker. The question is though, how exactly do you analyse a job advert and what should you look for?

All job adverts will specify the key duties of the role as well as the skills and qualifications required which some recruiters break down into essential and desirable. When you have read through a job advert and have a good understanding of what the job is all about, take a highlighter and highlight every phrase where it states what the actual requirements are and identify which phrases are essential and desirable. It is optimal to be able to meet all of the essential requirements. The desirables are nice to have and the more you meet any of these the better.

Should there be any gaps between your skills and what the recruiter is looking for, don’t abandon the opportunity, but just make sure that the gap is not crucial before you apply, for example, you might have the 1 years experience rather than the required 2 which is not crucial. Where gaps are present you should also identify whether you have a transferable skill that can satisfy that gap.

One you have identified the key aspects of the job description, it is now up to you to review your CV and cover letter to ensure these are reflected. Be sure that you have concrete examples and illustrations to support your proficiency when it comes to the skills and qualifications required. Below is an analysis of a job advert showing you the type of things you should be highlighting which should also be reflected in your application.

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