what to research before your job interview

You have a job interview coming up but have you done your research? If not keep reading, if yes, also keep reading as there may be gaps in your current research.

Researching the organisation prior to your interview is crucial for impressing the interviewer and standing out from other candidates. Employers expect you to know the business inside out and your research will give you a better understanding of what the organisation does, what they have to offer, who their competitors are and what their values are. Doing this research will then put you in the best position to analyse what skills you have that will match what they are looking for and why you have chosen to apply for them which you can elaborate on in your interview.

Now let’s get straight into it, what exactly should you be researching and where should you look for the information?

The Company’s Website

In the first instance, the company’s website is a good start, but don’t solely rely on this. The website will allow you to see the company’s mission statement and history, their products/services, clients, size and structure, as well as information about the company culture and values.

Social Media Pages

Don't limit your research to just the company's website, you should also check out their social media pages such as their Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to find out what they are doing online and to get up to date information as websites are not always up to date. Have a look and see what content they produce and what they blog about. Do they do any community engagement that is align with your values?

Tap into Your Connections

If you know someone who already works for the company, talk to them and ask about their experiences. If you don’t know anyone that works in the company, find an existing employee on Linkedin and just reach out to them letting them know that you are applying for a role within their company and would like to know more about their personal experiences and recommendations on how to smash your interview. You can find existing employees on Linkedin by typing the company name in the search bar and selecting ‘people’.


You can use Google or Google News to find out what they have recently been up to, or future plans such as expansion plans or acquisitions, leadership changes and new initiatives. You can also use google to research the industry in general and key competitors which will enable you to identify their strengths and weaknesses and advise accordingly should a question be asked concerning this. This is very impressive to interviewers.

We have created a helpful and clear template to assist you with your job research which you can find on our template page here

Look out for our next blog which will be on ‘How to Analyse a Job Advert’