Why you need a job search strategy

Many students panic at not finding immediate employment after finishing their studies and there are those who are already employed who want to leave their jobs as soon as possible. As a result, these people tend to apply for anything and everything and get nowhere. Frustrating right? We know the feeling. Therefore, it is imperative to have your own job searching strategy that works best for you to ensure that you are applying for the right jobs and putting your all in applications. Here are our 5 tips for an effective job search strategy:

1. Stop applying and start targeting

Rather than applying for any and every job, start targeting the jobs that you actually want to do. You can do this by first researching the industry you want to go in to, create a target list of companies in that industry and then research those specific companies.

2. Keep track of all job applications and follow up accordingly

When you get a call from an employer inviting you in for an interview, you want to know exactly who they are and what role you applied to which is why it is important to track all job applications. It is also important to follow up on all job applications accordingly as this will show that you are really interested in that role. We recommend creating a spread sheet with these headers:

- Date applied

- Company name

- Position

- Application number

- Recruiter contact

- Last follow up date

You should then download the google sheets excel spread sheet so that you always have access to this information. We also recommend saving all job applications as well as the CV and cover letter you submitted for that role.

3. Customise your CV and cover letter

We strongly advise having more than one CV and cover letter as you need to be tailoring these to match the job description you are applying for. You want employers to read your CV and cove letter knowing that you have read their job description, viewed their website and have a general interest.

4. Network, network, network!

Growing your network is key! Network with people who are already in the industry to find out how they got into their careers and they may also be able to refer you to any job openings they are aware of in their company. Use your social media tools to your advantage, set up a Linkedin page and join groups within the industry you would like to get in to. You should also attend and network at job fairs.

5. Register on recruitment sites

Register on recruitment sites that specifically recruit for the industry you are trying to get in to. A lot of people will register on general recruitment sites like Reed and Indeed which is great, but these platforms post jobs in various industries. Liaise and call recruiters who focus on recruiting specifically for your ideal industries directly and register on their websites to get closer access to your ideal employers and more of an opportunity for them to find you.